Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Sotiropoulos Talks Loss Too Siver, Plans To Get Back On The Horse

A roadblock in the form of Dennis Siver derailed George Sotiropoulos's hopes of propelling himself into title contention in the UFC's stacked lightweight division and following the loss at UFC 127, the Aussie talked to about what will be next for him:

“Look, Dennis is a kickboxer. That's how he fights; that's his style. I was wanting to go down to the ground, which is probably worse for him and best for me. But his takedown defense was pretty good. He was maintaining good distance. He was able to stick to his plan. It wasn't my night tonight. When things go wrong for people, it's easy to get back up on the horse. When things don't go your way, you just gotta do the same thing. It's the same for me. For me it'll be business as usual. I'll get back to work, I'll (review) the footage and where I went wrong and make some adjustments.”

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