Saturday, July 2, 2022

Antonio Silva Responds To Josh Barnett's Comments About His Condition

Josh Barnett recently made a comment regarding Antonio Silva's size and sensitivity that went along the lines of “So Bigfoot Silva thinks I'm arrogant because I'm not trying to be his best friend? Didn't know giantism made people sensitive as well”, and now, via the UG, Silva has responded to Barnett:

Acromegaly does make me more sensitive, more sensitive to pricks! Your poking fun at my condition only confirms my opinion of you!

Someone needs to shut that big mouth of yours, and that will be me! Ill also close both eyes for you while I am at it!

That is, if you do make it through your next fights, if not, to the end of the line for you! All you are trying to do is promote yourself talking, since you never fight!

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