Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Cain Velasquez Talks Injury, Recovery Process

UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez is on the road to recovery following surgery to repair an injured shoulder and talked this week about the path his doctor has him on and what sort of time table he is on in terms of returning to training and ultimately, the Octagon:

“Right now, doctor has me off of my sling and he says within three weeks he'll clear me to do some kind of light training. And then just kind of doing the rehab still, still just looking after it and getting the doctor check ups. The most extensive thing the doctor is having me do is light curls with the right arm. Light curls to get back the bicep strength and everything else but that's pretty much it. I really can't do anything.”

“It would be great (to fight Jon Jones), I think he's a really talented fighter, he's impressive to watch. But right now, my focus right now is about getting 100% for myself right now and as far as fighting right now, it just seems so far away because I'm trying just to get in the gym and trying to train. But he's talented, he looks good in all his fights and he's going to be tough to beat.”

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