Saturday, July 2, 2022

Daley On Diaz: He Knows This Is His Hardest Fight In A While

Paul Daley will attempt to take the Strikeforce Welterweight title away from current champ Nick Diaz when the two meet in San Diego, CA on April 9th and the Brit bad boy talked about the match up and gave his thoughts on his opponent and how he sees the fight playing out this week:

“I think (our) stare down will be very interesting. But I think Nick (Diaz), he knows that this is the hardest fight for a long time. I truly believe that. And if he doesn't believe that, I think Cesar Gracie, his coach and trainer, and his teammates, (Gilbert) Melendez and (Jake) Shields, know this is his hardest fight for a long time. So, I think either way he's training his ass off just the same as I'm doing.”

“Yeah I've always had a strong left and I've been developing it through training and conditioning. It just seems to be paying off for me really well. You know, it's my killer move, it's my go-to move.”

“Most definitely. Diaz will come at me and take me down. Not because he wants to but because I believe Cesar Gracie will instruct him too. I think they know how good my standup is and when something so big is on the line, I think the sensible thing for Diaz is to do is try and take me down. (Josh) Koscheck said he was going to stand with me, didn't end up happening because of the risk of The Ultiamte Fighter show, and it's pretty much the same here, this is the welterweight title. So I think his management will tell him to try and take me down.”

“I'm going to knock him out within 3 rounds. I think he's going to have difficulty clinching me, going to have difficulty taking me down, shooting from the outside. And he's going to have difficulty dealing with my power and speed, whether it be punches, or kicks or elbows or whatever.”

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