Thursday, July 7, 2022

Dana White Talks Jon Jones/Rashad Evans, Evans Gone From Jacksons

Rashad Evans will return to UFC action and face his former training partner and newly crowned light heavyweight champion Jon Jones in a future bout as was made official last night following Jones UFC 128 win over Shogun Rua and UFC President Dana White talked about Evans and their past differences in deciding that Evans would be next in line for a title shot:

“Rashad and I got into it. We always get into it. Rashad and I don't think the same. Our philosophies are opposite on how we think things should be done and stuff like that.”

“He feels his decision to sit out the year and wait for 'Shogun' was a good decision. I always go back to this thing, and my belief is that if you're truly the best in the world, you're going to fight all these guys anyway. You should be active. Staying active is a great thing as a fighter, and making money doesn't suck either.

“His feeling is that he had the opportunity for that title. He's not going to go out and fight a lesser guy when he feels he's the No. 1 contender and (with) the champion, that they're the two best. 'Why should he fight anyone else? He should wait for that title shot.'”

“That's where our opinions are different.”

“Rashad is 100 percent on board to fight Jon Jones. Rashad is fired up about this. He wants to fight Jon Jones.

“From what I understand, he has left Greg Jackson's camp. He's no longer with Jackson. Rashad and I have had our differences, and we'll probably continue to have our differences, but Rashad is 100 percent on board to fight Jon Jones and is actually fired up about that opportunity. And you know if that isn't the case, I'd tell you it isn't the case.”


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