Friday, July 1, 2022

DW On Jon Jones: There's Cling-ons Waiting To Barnacle Right On To Him

Dana White talked the dark side of combat sports this weekend when he discussed Jon Jones, who at 23 years old, is the youngest UFC Champion in history.

“His life is going to change in so many ways starting right now,” White said. “It's actually scary. When you get to this point, I worry about guys. There's cling-ons all over, I'm sure, waiting to just [expletive] barnacle right on to him.

“He's going to have to make a lot of choices over the next couple of years – personally, professionally. He's in for a very wild, weird, crazy ride right now.”

“He seems like a guy who's grounded enough and has the right people around him to handle it and go the right direction, but you never know,” White told “You never know what's going to happen. I'm telling you, you wait and see the people that start clinging on to Jon Jones – the dirtiest, nastiest, scuzziest, scummiest, most disgusting human beings on the face of the Earth will start to cling on to this guy and become barnacles and get in his ear and try to pull him in different directions. This is where it gets ugly.”

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