Monday, July 4, 2022

Jones Admires Shogun, But Feels It Is His Time

Jon Jones finds himself in the same place Shogun Rua did not too long ago, a 23 year old fighting for a title in one of the world's premiere MMA organizations. For Jones, although he admires Shogun, who he will face at UFC 128 later this month for the title, he feels it's his time to shine in the light heavyweight division:

“Training is going great. I started this training camp off already in great shape. I have the right people around me. I feel healthy, I'm already down to about 214, which is a little light for me but I feel great. I'm just playing the waiting game.”

“I'm there (at the top). I believe I'm that I'm there. I just haven't had the opportunity to prove it. I grew up watching Shogun and I admire the fact that he was a champion at 23. But I feel as if it's my time. I have trained really hard and when I joined this sport, my expectations were to be at the top. It's an amazing place to be sitting right now.”

“Obviously there's a lot of pressure and a lot of nerves but there's also a quote that says there's nothing wrong with having butterflies, as long as you can get those butterflies to fly in formation. So I'm getting my butterflies in formation and I feel as if I will be totally prepared to be one of the youngest UFC Light Heavyweight champions of all time.”


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