Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Kampmann Wants Sanchez Rematch, Says 5 Year Old Could Have Seen He Won

Martin Kampmann discussed his loss to Diego Sanchez with Bloodyelbow.com this week and while it was a close split decision that could have went either way, Kampmann feels it was obvious he won and wants a chance to redeem himself in a rematch with Sanchez:

“I still feel I won the fight, I can maybe see the judges seeing his aggression as a factor. Sometimes people get a lot of credit for that and coming forward swinging wildly and even though they weren't landing, sometimes the judges score that.””I think the judges gave him the nod for his aggression and moving forward and I don't disagree with the aggression part but it has to be effective aggression that is rewarded. Just running forward and throwing punches in the air is not going to hurt me. You can look at his face and then look at mine and any 5 year old down the street can tell you who got beat up in the fight.””My style used to be all about going forward and getting into that brawl every single fight … This bout I tried to keep my spacing and really pick him apart which I did a good job at doing … Even with my back to the cage I was landing but he was throwing these wild punches that he eventually got rewarded for and I think was maybe just a little undeserved.””It's up to the UFC and two losses don't look good but everybody who has seen my last two fights should know that I can compete with the best and I can put anybody in trouble.””I would love to rematch Diego. I feel I won the first time but I would love to fight him again. If I was him I wouldn't want the rematch either because imagine how his face would look after the second fight. I would love to beat him up one more time and hopefully not leave it up to the judges this time.

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