Sunday, December 5, 2021

MMANEWS.COM BLOG: The Problem w/ The Johnson-Hardy Fight

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

The following is an excerpt from a new MMANEWS.COM Blog by Uri Alony:

The Problem With The Anthony Johnson vs. Dan Hardy Fight

Yes, it was a good fight, and yes, Anthoy Johnson should have got the win. No doubt about it.

But the problem is that since fighters know they can win through a decision, it affects their technique too much.

Anthony Johnson did try to submit Dan Hardy towards the end of the fight, but through the later half of the first round (after the head kick), the entire second round, and the first half of the third, he mostly tried to keep Hardy down, not really trying to do anything to him, since he knew he would win the fight just like this.

The crowd got restless, as did I, but of course, it's not Johnson's job to keep the crowd happy. His job is to win, which he did.

The rules should be changed to make it so …


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