Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Randy Couture Says Fight With Lyoto Machida Could Be Last

When Randy Couture steps into the cage at UFC 129 in Toronto it could very well be the last time we see the Legend inside the UFC's Octagon.

Sure, we've heard that once before when Couture retired post fight the second time Chuck Liddell knocked him out, but this time, with other options for Couture outside the cage, it could stick.

The former light heavyweight and heavyweight champion talked to ESPN UK this week about the potential this fight has as being his last:

“There's a big chance this is my last fight. I'm not going to be making any official announcements, I don't think anybody would buy it – I already did that once! But I'm in terrific shape, I'm feeling confident about Lyoto and dialing into the attack and how we're going to get our hands on him. There's a lot of other things calling me now, and there's a chance this is the last one.I've got several other movies lined up, The Expendables 2 is coming up in September, and I've got my other businesses like the clothing company and the extension of the gym

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