Thursday, June 30, 2022

Rashad Evans Doesn't Want To Jump Weight Classes And Lose Mojo

Rashad Evans career has been limbo since an injury forced him out of a title shot against Shogun Rua at UFC 128, paving the way for teammate Jon Jones to take his place in New Jersey.

Evans, talked to this week about a his next fight, and what division he might be fighting in as rumors have been flying about what could be next for the former Champ:

“I'm kind of on the smaller end of things. I'm 5'11 and I walk around at 225 lb. so I'm not really that big. If I go to 185 lb. I probably wouldn't still be all that big and it would be difficult to make the weight and if I jumped up to heavyweight then I would be a munchkin. It would be fun to do because any fights taken in those divisions I could go into without any care and they would just be fun fights to do but at the same time I feel that light heavyweight is my home. I've been in this division and beat people that I wasn't expected to beat. I'm here because I'm scrappy as hell and resilient by nature but I did it all at light heavyweight. I feel that this is my home. I don't want to switch weight classes and lose my mojo. With all due respect I don't want to be like Brandon Vera. Like I said with all due respect and it's nothing against Brandon Vera but I don't want to lose that mojo.”

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