Monday, December 5, 2022

Thiago Alves Plans To KO Rick Story, Wants UFC In Rio Fight

Thiago Alves has his sights on a potential match in his home country of Brazil when the UFC returns to Rio De Janeiro in August but first welterweight will need to get through Ricky Story at UFC 130, something he plans on doing quickly:

“I'm prepared, training hard since now, because on my last fight I was heisting because I was coming from two losses and it was the first time I was following this diet and working with the guys I'm working now, so I doubted it a little… next fight I won't be afraid, I'll be at ease, I'll go for the quick knockout or submission. This fight won't last long. I want to knockout or submit him quickly, to get the microphone and ask Dana White to fight on UFC Rio, because the dream of every Brazilian is to fight in Brazil. I'll work hard to be there, if God helps me, in August.”