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Welcome to our live round-by-round coverage of the UFC 128 “Shogun vs. Jones” event from Newark, New Jersey.

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Raphael Assuncao vs. Erik Koch

Round 1: Referee Kevin Mulhall presides over the opening bout of the evenings events. The match is formally introduced as both men touch hands and the match begins. Assuncao starts the match off with some barely there kicks. Koch attempts a counter with right crosses but is unable to land any clean punches. Assuncao gets a hard inside low kick on Koch. Koch counters with some good jabs. Assuncao charges in. Koch lands a strong right hook on Assuncao, leaving him out cold, as Mulhall calls a stop to the match.

Erik Koch def. Raphael Assuncao via TKO (strikes) at 2:32 of Round 1.

Nick Catone vs. Constantinos Philippou

Round 1: Kevin MacDonald presides over the second bout of the evening in the 195 catchweight bout. Not much action during the first round between Philippou and Catone as both men just bounce around and paw at each other with no real strikes being landed. Catone gets a jab on Phillipou. Catone clinches along the fence followed by some short shots. Phillippou cracks Catone with a right. The crowd is growing restless and begins to boo. Phillippou grazes Catone with a right as Catone retaliates by driving Phillipou to the mat. Catone dominating on top as Phillipou counters with elbows from the bottom. Catone breaks Philippous' skin just as the bell sounds to signify the end of round one.

Round 2: Both men are swinging freely to open round two, and once again nothing is landing causing the crowd to become restless. Catone forces Philippou into the cage and lands a hard knee to the midsection of Philippou. Philippou tries to break free, Catone once again drills him with a knee, this time to the face. Low kicks and jabs connect for Catone. Catone gets a single leg on Philippou and gets half guard and mount briefly. Philippou regains guard just in time to get knocked in the mouth by Catone to end round two.

Round 3: Catone comes out confident to start off the final round of this match up. Catone lands a nice right before slamming Philippou to the mat. Catone briefly gets side with Philippou quickly reclaiming guard. Philippou is noticably exhausted as Catone continues to drive his forearm into Philippou's jaw. Catone lands several heavy elbows on Philippou and takes mount. Catone continues to abuse Philippou before he is able to scramble his way back to half guard. Catone continues to throw elbows until the bell sounds.

Nick Catone def. Constantinos Philippou via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 Rounds.

Joseph Benavidez vs. Ian Loveland

Round 1: This bantamweight match-up is presided over by Referee Kevin Mulhall. The match is formally announced and the bell rings to signify the beginning of this bout. Loveland quickly backs Benavidez into the cage. Benavidez is able to punch his way free but gets stuffed on a shot. Loveland retaliates and is able to land several nice uppercuts. Benavidez scores a hard low kick followed up by a nice right hand. Loveland is taken down briefly but quickly gets back to his feet. Benavidez is unable to take Loveland back down and settles on swinging crazy punches that Loveland easily avoids. Benavidez is still unable to land anything significant as the first round ends at the sound of the bell.

Round 2: Loveland gets a nice combination on Benavidez. Loveland locks up a kimura and uses it to free himself from Benavidez's grip and is able to get back to his feet. Loveland almost lands a huge hammerfist after Benavidez misses a double and rolls. Benavidez makes his way back to his feet and lands a nice one-two on Loveland and then a hard left. Loveland attempts to rush Benavidez who changes levels and plants him. Benavidez tries to get some ground-and-pound going, Loveland lands some harder shots in retaliation. Benavidez gets cut on the top of his head leaving blood trickling from his hairline. Loveland makes his way back to his feet and gets a nice headkick in at the bell.

Round 3: Nice push kicks and right hands from Benavidez to open the final round followed by a lock up on Loveland. Loveland attempts to counter with right hands only at this pount. He takes him to the mat and tries for a guillotine, Loveland is able to scramble away and get back to his feet. Benavidez gets Loveland with a right hand to the face, pouncing and trying to flurry. Loveland once again gets back to his feet and lands a right hand and a knee on Benavidez. Benavidez tries to throw him but ends up on the ground with Loveland on top of him to end the match.

Joseph Benavidez def. Ian Loveland via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30, 27, 29-28) after 3 Rounds.

Kurt Pellegrino vs. Gleison Tibau

Round 1: The first match of the Facebook prelims is presided over by referee Herb Dean. The match begins with Pellegrino and Tibau sort of feeling each other out and bouncing around the ring. Finally about a minute into the first round, Tibau connects a short left on Pellegrino. Pellegrino is able to defend a take down attempt by Tibau but winds up with his back against the cage. After a bit of boxing on the part of both men, they go back to feinting and pawing at one another. Pellegrino connects with a one-two and catches another left from Tibau. Pellegrino once again looks for a takedown and once again Tibau is able to block it. Pellegrino gets shoved into the fence again and trips on the mat. Pellegrino is able to break free of Tibau's clinch and able to land a nice right before the end of the first round.

Round 2: Both Pellegrino and Tibau come out strong in the second round, letting their hands go a bit more, though neither is connecting or forcing enough to gain an advantage. Pellegrino is able to get an inside leg kick on Tibau in retaliation of his strong one-two. Pellegrino gets a nice combination on Tibau and takes him to the mat. Pellegrino lands several nice shots from half guard as he looks to pass. The crowd is cheering and really into this match. Tibau grabs at Pellegrino's arms in an attempt to slow the pace. Pellegrino is still unable to pass, but is able to keep Tibau on the mat. Tibau is noticably bleeding from both his mouth and near his eye. Tibau is able to break loose and catches Pellegrino with a one-two to bring the second match to a close.

Round 3: To open the third round, Tibau comes out swinging with a no nonsense look on his face. Tibau attempts a kick to the head of Pellegrino, but it's blocked. Pellegrino takes the center of the cage, but still isn't doing much. Pellegrino is bleeding from the nose after Tibau clips him with a left. Tibau continues to throw the same right-left hook combo over and over again without much damage on Pellegrino. Tibau stuffs and reverses Pellegrino's takedown attempt. Pellegrino is taken down and Tibau passes to side control. Tibau throws several short let hands as PEllegrino digs for yet another take down. Tibau switches things up and desperately pounds from guard as the fight is coming to an end. Pellegrino stands and rolls for a kneebar as the bell sounds, ending the final round of the match.

Gleison Tibau def. Joseph Benavidez via Split Decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29) after 3 Rounds.

Ricardo Almeida vs. Mike Pyle

Round 1: Referee Kevin MacDonald presides over this welterweight bout. The match is formally announced, Almeida and Pyle touch hands and the match begins. Ameida moves from side to side, circling Pyle in the center of the ring. Almeida keeps attempting leg kicks on Pyle who slaps them away. Pyle gets a jab on Almeida and accidentally pokes him in the eye. Almeida tries to motion for a pause in the match, MacDonald doesn't stop the action. As they tie up, Almeida looks for a takedown, Pyle trips him and walks away. Pyle gets driven to the mat, but is able to jump right back up. Almeida connects with an overhand right that throws Pyle off balance. Almeida clinches up. Knees are traded by both men in the clinch as Pyle tries to recooperate. Pyle gets an uppercut on Almeida and lands a solid knee before the horn sounds.

Round 2: Almeida comes out strong in the second round with a turning side kick to the stomach of Pyle, followed by dragging him to the mat. Pyle scoots toward the cage as Almeida does his best to pin him against the post. The men search for position with over-unders and stall out. Pyle drives a knee into the body of Almeida. The crowd begins to become restless and boo the match. Almeida initiates the clinch, but Pyle won't stay. A chopping outside leg kick from Pyle is countered by Almeida's double-leg. Almeida drags Pyle to the floor and Pyle frames up a kimura. Almeida is able to get his arm free and winds up on top as the bell sounds.

Round 3: Almeida once again comes out with a leg kick on Pyle who counters with a leg kick of his own. Almeida fakes a shot on Pyle, but doesn't commit. Pyle throws a combo to the head and body, not much landing. Pyle then gets a kick to the body as Almeida counters and Pyle then drives a knee into the stomach of Almeida. Pyle then slams Almeida to the mat. Almeida is able to shove him off, Pyle then stands over him slapping him with leg kicks. Almeida once again looks for the take down. Pyle loops his right arm over Almeida's head for a guillotine, no dice. Pyle gets a jumping knee on Almeida. Another knee to the face of Almeida. Almeida scores a quick takedown, Pyle gets right back to his feet. Pyle then counters with a takedown of his own to end the bout.

Mike Pyle def. Ricardo Almeida via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28) after 3 Rounds.

Anthony Njokuani vs. Edson Barboza Jr.

Round 1: The first Spike TV prelim match is presided over by referee Keith Peterson in this lightweight bout. Both men come out whipping leg kicks at one another. Barboza catches Njokuani with a kick to the body followed by a right hand. Njokuani lands a left of his own, however he catches a brutal right hand that makes him stumble a bit. Barboza gets a right and counters with a right of his own. Barboza gets several stiff jabs on Njokuani. Right hooks connect for Njokuani as the bell sounds.

Round 2: Njokuani comes out with more quick left hands on Barboza to open the second round. Barboza's face is continuously attacked, followed by more kicks to his head and body. Barboza connects a turning side kick which Njokuani counters with a kick to the body that drops Barboza to the mat. He takes a few punches as he stands back up. Njokuani hits a hard spinning elbow on Barboza. Barboza is able to land another leg kick but is still having trouble with the range. Njokuani clinches and both men trade knees before splitting. Barboza lifts Njokuani and slams him against the base of the fence. Njokuani stands just as the bell sounds.

Round 3: Njokuani comes out strong and is able to counter Barboza's punches and lands inside thigh kicks. A nice flurry from Barboza. Njokuani leaps in with a knee to the stomach of Barboza. Barboza follows up with several jabs and kicks. Barboza pushes forward and lands a turning side-kick. Njokuani counters with a nice knee followed by a takedown against the fence. Njokuani gets to his feet and eats a strong spinning back-kick just before the horn.

Edson Barboza Jr. def. Anothony Njokuani via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) after 3 Rounds.

Eliot Marshall vs. Luis Artur Cane Jr.

Round 1: Referee Dan Miragliotta presides over the evenings first preliminary contest for the 205 pound weight division. Both men come out swinging heavy early on in the match. Cane is definitely getting the better of the exchanges as Marshall looks for an opening to attempt a takedown on Cane. Cane gets a hard left on Marshall and then attacks Marshall repeatidly. Cane lands several more punches from the top as Marshall is struggling to block and get out of the crossfire. Cane takes a brief break and then goes right back to Marshall slamming strong hammer fists into the head of Marshall. Marshall tries to roll for a kneebar to no avail. Marshall is no longer defending or blocking Cane's assault, Miragliotta steps in and calls a halt to the match at 2:15 of round one.

Luis Artur Cane Jr. def. Eliot Marshall via TKO at 2:15 of Round 1.

Brendan Schaub vs. Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic

Round 1: Referee Herb Dean presides over this match up. The match is formally introduced as Schaub and Filipovic bump fists and the match begins. Schaub throws a kick to the body of Cro Cop followed by thumping shots to his ribs which Cro Cop counters with shots to the ribs of his own on Schaub. Referee Herb Dean issues a warning to Schaub for the strikes that landed to the back of Cro Cop's head. Schaub quickly brings Cro Cop down and takes an upkick as he stands from Cro Cop's guard. Cro Cop closes his guard as Schaub dives back in. Schaub is throwing punches that Cro Cop tries to block and stop by tying Schaub's arms up. Schaub shakes him off and continues to slam hard rights into the face of Cro Cop. Cro Cop scrambles back to his feet and shoves Schaub into the fence. Schaub tries to trip Cro Cop down which Cro Cop seems to have expected as he jumps back and stays grounded.Schaub lands a few more knees to the stomach and a nice uppercut before the bell sounds.

Round 2: Cro Cop opens the second round with a left high kick that Schaub is able to partially block and counter by taking him down to the mat. Schaub stands back up and Cro Cop lands a kick to the face. Referee Herb Dean once again calls a stop to the action and issues a warning to Cro Cop due to the fact Schaub's knee was barely touching the mat as his hand grabbed the fence when the upkick landed. As they resume they go right back to the clinch. Schaub forces Cro Cop back into the fence.Schaub is bleeding from the nose as the round ends.

Round 3: Cro Cop comes out strong in the third round landing a nice low kick on Schaub. Schaub called for a break to recover. Schaub takes his break and comes back out spearing Cro Cop to the mat in the center of the octagon. Cro Cop tries to hold Schaub down, who is able to scramble back to his feet only to be taken right back down. Cro Cop initiates a clinch but doesn't do much from the position and ultimately lets go. Shaub lands a nice right hand out of nowhere behind the ear of Cro Cop who falls flat to the mat as Referee Herb Dean calls a stop to the match at 3:44.

Brendan Schaub def. Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic via TKO at 3:44 of Round 3.

Dan Miller vs. Nate Marquardt

Round 1: Referee Dan Miragliotta comes back to preside over this middleweight bout. The match is formally announced, Marquardt and Miller bump fists and the match begins. Marquardt rushes in behind a combination on Miller looking for a guillotine from the sprawl to no avail. Miller drives on a takedown attempt, taking Marquardt against the fence. Miller is unable to get Marquardt flat against the mat, allowing Marquardt to get back to his feet. Marquardt slams Miller down and Miller tries to counter with a guillotine choke. Miller ties up with rubber guard against the fence. Marquardt gets a nice right hand on Miller and takes him back to the mat. Miller looks for a kimura, no dice. Marquardt gives a few nice punches to end the round.

Round 2: Marquardt comes out strong to open the second round as he connects with a nice combo followed by a high left kick finished off by an inside thigh kick. Continuing his domination of the round with a big right hand and a left high kick followed by a flying knee. Miller finally counters by taking Marquardt down.Marquardt with several jabs on Miller who attempts to counter with a guillotine from back guard, no dice as the round ends.

Round 3: Miller tries to take control opening round three with an uppercut, however it's just answered with another head kick by Marquardt. Marquardt gets a solid right and sprawls on a takedown. Miller is trying to gather his bearings before getting back up off the mat. Miller falls to guard. Miller grabs the kimura again to no avail. Marquardt once again grinds and punches as Miller throws up his legs looking for a triangle too late as the bell rings.

Nate Marquardt def. Dan Miller via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 Rounds.

Jim Miller vs. Kamai Shalorus

Round 1: Referee Kevin Mulhall returns to the octagon to preside over this lightweight bout. The match is formally announced as Miller and Shalorus bump fists and the match begins. Both men come out strong exchanging punches and leg kicks. The crowd begins to chant “U-S-A” about a minute into the bout.Shalorus catches a kick from Miller and hits him with a right. Shalorus begins throwing more right hands. Miller lands a few clean strikes. Shalorus continues throwing legs, Left high kick for Miller. Miller scores with a punch followed by a knee to the stomach of Shalorus then jumps guard with a guillotine. Shalorus is able to get his head loose and scoots around the mat, trading shots. Shalorus gets Miller against the fence, referee Mulhull stands them up. Miller attempts to get another guillotine to end the round.

Round 2: Shalorus enters the second round with a massive swelling under his left eye. Shalorus gets a takedown after a back and forth exchange between both men. Miller pulled guard for a moment and then stood back up. Miller immediately takes Shalorus down and locked in a nice body triangle. Miller continues to work from the rear-naked chokehold. Miller opts for a palm to palm RNC attempt. Shalorus refuses to tap. Miller attempts it once again with more of a neck crank than a choke. Miller gives up and begins throwing punches from back control to end the round.

Round 3. Shalorus comes out strong to begin the third round, throwing about a dozen punches with no retaliation, as he doesn't really land any. Miller lands a knee to the groin of Shalorus on accident and they stop briefly for Shalorus to recover. Shalorus gives the ok and the match continues with Shalorus lobbing bombs. Miller blast Shalorus with a left uppercut followed by a knee. Shalorus curls up against the cage with blood pouring out of him onto the mat. Miller lands several hammer fists to finish the fight. Mulhull stops the match at 2:15.

Jim Miller def. Kamai Shalorus via TKO at 2:15 of Round 3.

Urijah Faber vs. Eddie Wineland

Round 1: Referee Keith Peterson presides over the night's co-main event for the bantamweight class. Both men tie up early on and Wineland pushes Faber into the fence. Wineland gets in with underhooks and tries to trip Faber to the floor as Faber counters by staying up and dropping for a shot of his own. Wineland hits Faber on his way back up. Faber stands quickly. Faber lands a few counter rights on Wineland before shooting in. Faber scores a few right hands and gets Wineland in a takedown to end the round.

Round 2: Wineland misses several punches to open the second round as Faber dominates landing punches and finding his range. Faber lands a takedown on Wineland and gets to full guard. Faber gives hard short elbows into Wineland's face. Faber stacks up again and pins Wineland's throat to the mat with his left hand while continuously punching with his right. Faber stays strong on top to end the second round.

Round 3: Lots of clinch work in the early seconds of round three. Faber successfully throws several knees to the stomach of Winland who returns with a slapping leg kick to break the clinch. Faber doesn't allow Wineland to take his back. Wineland gets a nice left jab to the face of Faber. Faber retaliates with a hard uppercut followed by several punches and a takedown. Faber lifts Wineland off the mat and slams him back into it. Wineland is still on the bottom avoding Faber's elbows as the round ends.

Urijah Faber def. Eddie Wineland via Unanimous Decision (29=28, 29-28, 29-28) after 3 Rounds.

Mauricio “Shogun” Rua vs. Jon Jones

Round 1: Referee Herb Dean presides over the light heavyweight championship main event of the evening. Both men bump fists and the match begins. Jones opens with a leaping knee followed by a spinning back-kick that just misses. Shogun and Jones clinch up and Jones gets a takedown. Shogun tries to pass to half-guard. Jones mashes with elbows from the top. Shogun stands but eats a barrage of knees from Jones. Jones gets Shogun with more long punches then a low kick. Shogun gets a one-two and takes Jones' back standing. Jones reverses and gets Shogun back to the ground to end round one.

Round 2: Jones comes out strong once again in the round two with a nice leg kick on Shogun. Shogun connects with a combination, Jones counters and ties Shogun up. Jones gets a Superman punch, elbows, and several more low kicks. Shogun throws a leg kick and gets taken back down. Jones is on top throwing his forearm into Shogun's face to end the round.

Round 3: Jones gets a one-two on Shogun coming out evening stronger than the first round. Shogun ducks inside and then spears forward for a leg lock. Jones drop Shogun to the mat and advances past half-guard. Jones attacks with several elbows and heavy punches. Jones drives his knee into Shogun's body followed by a left hook. Jones lands another knee and Herb Dean puts a stop to the match at 2:37.

Jon Jones def. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua via TKO at 2:37 of Round 3.IMPORTANT: Hit CTRL & F5 to reload this page for new play-by-play updates!

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