Thursday, July 7, 2022

Ben Henderson Talks UFC Debut Against Mark Bocek

Former WEC Lightweight Champion Ben Henderson will look to make his mark in his new home with the UFC as he makes his debut this Saturday at UFC 129 against Canadian Mark Bocek.

Henderson talked about his debut and the comparisons made between former WEC fighters and those that fight for the UFC:

“But I'm not going in there thinking of just WEC vs UFC. Speaking of that, we're not proving to the other fighters that we belong, it's more to the general fan base and to the reporters and media. It's more proving to you guys who are always saying “the WEC guys, there's no way they can hang with the UFC guys”. The UFC guys, those are our training partners. Those are the guys we train with everyday, it's not like they don't see us when we train. I train with Kenny Florian, BJ Penn, Efrain Escodero, they're all in the UFC, so it's not like they're all like 'Oh no well he's tough and all but he's in the WEC so he's not any good.' I train with those guys so we have a mutual respect. So it's not really the fighters per se, who us ex-WEC are trying to prove ourselves to; it's more to the general fans who don't really know what's going on or don't really know a whole lot in depth what it means to be a fighter and the respect we have for each other. That's more who the ex-WEC fighters, that's where our chip on our shoulders is directed towards. Sure you can say that's your opinion, but now I'm gonna go in here and prove otherwise.

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