Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Dan Henderson Wants Fedor Without Catch Weight, Will Fight Heavyweight

Make no bones about it, Dan Henderson has always been ready for a scrap. Be it at middleweight or light heavyweight he has took pretty much every fight put in front of him. With that, it should come as no surprise that Henderson is open to a bout with Fedor Emelianenko, not at the rumored catch weight that has been talked about, instead, at heavyweight:

“I'm okay to fight anybody. A legend like Fedor, it would be an honor to fight him … With him getting outsized and beat by Giant Silva, a lot of people were talking about maybe having him move down to 205 and I don't think he would ever do that either. So I guess the next-best option would be someone like myself.”

“If I did fight him, it would be no catchweight. I don't do those at all … I'm gonna fight him at his weight. If for some reason this fight does happen, I wouldn't take the fight if it was at a catchweight.”

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