Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Galvao Granted Bellator Tourney Spot Following Questionable Loss

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

For those of us still tuning in to Bellator Fighting Championships every weekend on MTV2, last Saturday showcased a fantastic fight card that culminated in one of the worst decisions in recent memory.

In the Bellator 41 main event, reigning 145 pound champion Joe Warren tested the waters of 135 pounds in a non-title affair. For three rounds the champion battled with WEC veteran, Marcos Galvao; for at least 10 of 15 minutes, Warren found himself on the losing end of just about every exchange and failing nearly every takedown attempt.

Galvao unleashed solid punishment in the first round, at one point forcing Warren to turtle and absorb some heavy punches. The second round however, was even more convincingly decisive for Galvao, who landed multiple mind numbing knees to the face of Warren, who charged in recklessly.

Warren offered virtually no effective offense for the first two rounds, yet the judges (who must have all taken a much-needed bathroom break during the fight) all rewarded him the unanimous decision victory (one judge had the audacity to proclaim the fight a clean three round sweep for Warren). The decision was met with a hailstorm of boos from a crowd who