Monday, November 28, 2022

GSP Thinking Twice About Moving Up And Down Weight Classes

Many want to see Georges St. Pierre move up in weight to face Anderson Silva if he is to beat Jake Shields next weekend at UFC 129 in Toronto but St. Pierre has shown reluctance to move weight classes and while talking about it this week, cited the career of Roy Jones Jr. as one reason he is wary about moving up in weight:

“Right now, I am a 170-pounder. If I were to fight at 185 pounds, it would be a complete reorientation of my career. We've seen in the past with boxers like Roy Jones Jnr. In my opinion, what ended Roy Jones' career-winning streak was when he went up in weight and tried to go back down. It's not the fact that he went up; it's when he tried to go back down that messed him up. For me, it's a good example because Roy Jones was known as one of the best of all time before he started losing. It makes me think twice sometimes [about changing] weight; it's not really going up that hurts you, sometimes it's to go [back] down.”

Props: ESPN UK