Monday, June 27, 2022

Jake Shields: I Always Find A Way To Win

Jake Shields will try to do what many have done before him and that is strip the UFC Welterweight Title away from Champion Georges St. Pierre this Saturday in Toronto, Canada and Shields talked to MMA Nation this week about the fight and why he feels he may be the best man for the job:

Oh yeah, I think people underestimate me because I haven't gone out there and banged with these guys. They always use the same excuse over and over that I can't strike with them. That's what they said when I beat Okami, I always find a way to win so obviously, you don't have to always focus on everything. Maybe it's better to be a specialist.

…[Georges St. Pierre's greatest weakness is] probably in his submissions. He's been submitted before, but he's been knocked out before too so he has weaknesses everywhere. Everyone has holes, he just doesn't have a lot of holes. He's so effective because he makes less mistakes than most people.

He doesn't have a lot of weaknesses but I have a lot of strengths too and I just plan on bringing the pressure to him and taking him out and submitting him. He's never faced a real top Jiu Jitsu guy and I plan on showing people that he does have weaknesses.

Props: SB Nation/MMANation

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