Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Jake Shields Say He Would Move Up To Middleweight Again

Former Strikeforce Middleweight Champ Jake Shields will make an attempt to take the UFC Welterweight title away from Georges St. Pierre on April 30th at UFC 129 and talked this week about the possibility of moving back up to the 185lb class in the future:

“Moving up and down in weight is kind of a pain in the (butt), but hey, it's something I'll probably do again. Yeah, I think I would (test the 185-pound waters again). I'm always looking for challenges, so I'm going to go where the challenge is. If I'm successful at 170 and take that belt, I'll probably start thinking about (it). I'm in the sport to test myself. If I start getting bored, I really wouldn't want to be here anymore. So yeah, I would definitely move up.”

Props: USA Today