Monday, December 6, 2021

Machida Talks Couture, Wants Rampage With Win In Toronto

Lyoto Machida will look to get back in the light heavyweight title mix by way of win over UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture at UFC 129 on April 30th and talked about his preparation for the bout and how he sees it playing out, as well as who he would like to fight if he is to get past Couture when they meet up in Toronto:

“My training was completely executed in Para where I trained with Glover Teixeira, who came to give a hand. He is a very good fighter at takedowns. Coach Dorea also came in and Paulo Afonso, who is multiple Karate champion, a man with a very explosive game. Actually the team is the same but these athletes came for additional support,” Lyoto Machida said when asked to name who was around him in the camp at present.

“Sure, I intend to take him down. Because I believe in a transitional game, a game with kicks and punches to surprise him with a takedown. This is not going to be a wrestling fight, this is going to be an MMA fight.”

“Indeed Couture spoke about it for a long time [fighting me]; when I became the 205lbs champion and then he asked again later to face me. He believes a lot in his strategy and I feel nothing but respect for the fighter and hero that he is. He helped to build this sport and put it at the current level of its evolution.”

“I take care of all the necessary aspects and the physical part is no different. These guys are coming very strong in power now. Phil Davis for example, who is lighter than other heavyweights, used his strength to hold the fight with Rogerio Minotouro. There exists a concern with this aspect, certainly.”

“The revenge with Rampage would be the fight I would choose after defeating Couture. It makes all the sense.”

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