Wednesday, December 8, 2021

UFC Expects To Hold One, Possibily Two Cards In The UK This Year

Fans across the pond in the United Kingdom can expect to see the UFC in town later this year as UFC UK rep Marshall Zelaznik tells ESPN the company plans on coming back at least once this year but there is a possibility it could be more:

“There will definitely be one event this year, there is little doubt about that,” Zelaznik said on the ESPN UFC Podcast. “It's looking very likely to be in the third or fourth quarter of this year.

“There's a slight, slight chance that we might also pull one off later this summer, a couple of things are floating around within our calendar that might allow us to do that. The likely locations in the UK are Liverpool and London. There should one event in one of those venues, if not two.

“It won't be a pay-per-view card; we've learned that the best way to maximize our business is to keep those pay-per-views at prime time in the US, which is our big pay-per-view market.

“My guess is it will be more like a UFC 105, which was the Randy fight in Manchester. We call them numbered specials, so they're not pay-per-views, they're not Fight Nights, but they're somewhere between the two. I'd expect a top notch main event with a solid undercard. The way Joe [Silva] puts these cards together, it all depends on what pieces are available.”

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