Saturday, October 1, 2022

Vladimir Matyushenko Feels He Could Still Contend For Title

Former IFL Champion Vladimir Matyushenko has found himself in what some consider a gatekeeper position in the UFC but the long time fixture of the sports light heavyweight division still feels he could contend for a title if the opportunity presented it's self and looks to make sure the bosses don't forget his name when he takes on Jason Brilz at UFC 129.

“The Janitor” talked to about the upcoming bout this week:

“I've been training for (Jason Brilz) for my last fight, so I've been training for him for the last few months before my last fight. For me, it's a continuation of my training before. I think it's going to be an exciting one. He showed himself pretty good against Nogueira in his last fight so he's got some skills and some man power there.”

“Wrestling is a big part of MMA but you can't really beat somebody by wrestling. It's transition from striking to submission; so it's either going to be ground and pound or we're going to stay on our feet, you really can't beat somebody by taking them down. I'll try to keep it on my feet and knock him out.”

“People are telling me (that I'm a gate keeper) but it matches my nickname, “The Janitor”, get rid of the garbage. But there's always a chance to win a championship. My thing is I'm always in decent shape and people get hurt in this sport and I've been in a few situation where somebody calls me two weeks before and I'll take the fight. I can still fight for the championship. I see myself there.”

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