Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Chael Sonnen's Lawyer Lashes Out At ESPN's Josh Gross

Chael Sonnen's Attorney Raffi Nahabedian isn't not too pleased with ESPN's Josh Gross following an appearance on ESPN's MMA Live and Twitter postings after Sonnen's hearing with the CSAC last week.

Middleeasy.com has the email Nahabedian sent Gross and you can read it all below:

Good morning.

We have known each other for some time and I had an ongoing respect for you and your reporting. However, I think there is a growing disconnect with my beliefs.

I just watched your interview on MMA Live regarding Chael Sonnen and I respectfully disagree with the manner the information was presented and that crucial information that was purposely left out.

In regards to the testimony issue, there is a continued blatant oversight and disregard for Chael