Saturday, October 1, 2022

Chael Sonnen's Suspension Upheld By CSAC, Executives Vote 4-1

Middleweight Chael Sonnen will sit on the sidelines in at least California, and likely Las Vegas, after the CSAC voted 4-1 to up hold his suspension for the length of his license to fight in the state.

Shady testimony at a December hearing and a federal money-laundering conviction were the reason given for the vote.

Josh Gross with ESPN has more:

NSAC executive director Keith Kizer to testify via streaming video. Sonnen and CSAC exec. officer George Dodd will also be witnesses.

First sniping between lawyers re: entry of evidence of Sonnen's statements in interviews. The state wins this one. The clips will be heard.

Sonnen's attorney Steve Thompson says the felony conviction in Oregon should play no part in his licensing in California. Eloquent opening.

Thompson is talking up how much UFC supports Sonnen through their willingness to put him on TUF and a potential title fight.

Options regarding Sonnen's possible suspension are discussed. Commissioner Gene Hernandez makes a motion to uphold indefinite suspension. also broke the news that Sonnen was slotted to coach the fourteenth season of The Ultimate Fighter alongside Michael Bisping:

Thompson reveals Sonnen is under consideration to coach next season of tuf and fight bisping in no 1 contender bout.

Thompson begins closing statement. Chael is a “fundamentally good person.”

All commissioners agree that Sonnen's conviction and statements to commission do constitute discredit to MMA

Commissioners vote 4-1 to uphold chaels suspension.

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