Thursday, July 7, 2022

Jon Jones Manager Says He Is Not Ducking Rashad Evans

After a whirl wind week for Malki Kawa after rumors began to run wild that his star client, Jon Jones, was ducking his first challenger, Rashad Evans, Kawa went on damage control while talking to this week about the fight, when and if it will happen, and the injury that prevented it from happening:

On Rumors That Jones Is Ducking Evans: “Jon's not ducking Rashad. Jon is willing to fight Rashad. Jon wants to fight Rashad. Jon has no reason to duck him. The only reason he's not able to fight on the timeline that Rashad wants is because his hand is not going to be ready. Surgery or no surgery, his hand is not 100 percent, and there's nothing Jon can do about it.”

On Jones' Injury: “In the past, his hand would hurt for a few weeks, but the swelling and pain would eventually go away,” Kawa said. “It's completely different this time. It's getting better now, two months after the fight, but he still doesn't have his full strength. Jon never wanted to have surgery. He didn't want to be forced out of the cage for an extended period of time. When Dr. Vahey gave him his opinion

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