Monday, November 28, 2022

Mark Coleman Talks His Career Coming To Close, The Future

Mark “The Hammer” Coleman is reaching the end of the line and may not step foot in a cage or ring again as his career is coming too a close and the former UFC And Pride Heavyweight Champion talked to about living the dream of fighting for a living and gave some advice to fighters coming into the sport:

“I'm 46 and the body's breaking down. Fighting was a dream, and I lived the dream. Looking back on it, all these guys out there, these young guys, you're going to look back and realize you were living a dream. Is it tough? Heck yeah, it's a tough way to make a living. But it was great.”

“It's easy to spend money, but a lot harder to save money. You hear about it in every sport. How do you adjust when it's over? A lot of people don't. A lot of my good friends from the past, we're all trying to figure it out.”

“I see those young fighters at small shows where I do appearances and I ask them, what's your plan? They all say, 'I want to fight in the UFC.' Well, I'm glad they say that because you've got to set your goals high, but what's your plan beyond that? You've got to think past that to what comes next.”

“You've got to realize that you're living the dream and the clock is ticking,” said Coleman. “It will tick fast, too. The next thing you know, it's over.”