Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Rashad Evans Responds To Jon Jones Complaints

After Jon Jones took to Twitter to let fans know that Rashad Evans had been calling him names via txt message, Evans went on record and denied sending any txts to Jones referring to him as a “fake ass white boy” but, when revealed a photo the messages on Jones' phone, Evans went on the defensive while a guest on Radio about what he said and why:

“Yeah I did say that to him but he also said a lot of things to me that I didn't want to put out there. I mean, we were arguing – I said a lot of things, he did, back and forth, you know? But I did call him a fake ass white boy, I did,” Evans said.

“But its not that I think being a white boy is a bad thing, its not against white people in general. Its an insult to him because he's not white, you can see where the insult comes in. That's the extent of the insult right there – its not an insult against white people, its that he's black and I'm calling him white.

“It made him mad because he posted it on the internet – and what kind of move is that anyway? That's like high school, grade school s–t –

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