Friday, June 24, 2022

Shane Carwin Talks Working With Paul Heyman For UFC Countdown

UFC Heavyweight contender Shane Carwin had the chance to work with the legendary Paul Heyman on the production side of things of the most recent UFC Countdown show and talked about the experience via his blog:

I was surprised by the amount of headlines my tweet about Paul Heymen created so I thought I would elaborate a little, The UFC had already had a production crew gome to my home to get the footage for the Countdown Show. When the fight changed a lot of the questions needed to be re-done. Paul was already hired to do the Lesnar side of the Countdown show. So when the fight changed they asked Paul to come re-do my questions.

Paul arrived the night before and we grabbed dinner and he went over his plans and ideas. He said he was given about 12 questions that he was just going to toss out. He wanted to capture me and my thoughts on the fight. The type of questions that he tossed out were ones like “how did you feel when you got the call”.

The day of the shoot it was pretty much business as usual. I would say the key difference of what Paul brought to the table vs the previous producers is that he understands the entertainment value and ask questions that illicit good responses. I have been called “boring” in the past but the reality is when you are interviewed by people that do not fully understand the sport or how to extract the right information to sell the event. I do not lead interviews so if the media is not sure of how to extract the right information I can come off “boring”. That would be the Heyman difference. Paul was able to let me be me, left the stupid questions out and we got into some good stuff. I think this is going to make for a great Countdown Show.

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