Monday, October 3, 2022

Josh Barnett Explains Methodical Approach To Beating Brett Rogers

Having fought in grand-prix style tournaments in the past while fighting overseas in Japan, Josh Barnett knows a thing or two about making it to the end of the brackets and having a chance to go for broke in the final having done so before and although some fans may have booed his slower and more methodical approach, Barnett explains the process post fight of his submission win over Brett Rogers this past weekend:

“Once I got on top of him, it became a matter of making him drown underneath me – taking his wind, taking his spirit, taking his energy, and doing it without any sort of injury,” he said. “Because this is a tournament. I have another fight, and I have another fight after that. So it's important to be very tactful and very strategic about you take these guys out.”

“I just decided not to open up,” he said. “I decided to keep it there, conserve energy, and ride heavy, heavy, heavy. Drive those hips through, take his guts, take his wind, and it's a small thing. It's not something that's visible, and you can't really see it to understand it.

“If I did open up, he's going to open up, too. Yeah, I could probably catch him in something. But why take that opportunity with a big, explosive guy like that? Let him get thrashing about, and who knows what can happen.”

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