Thursday, July 7, 2022

Kenny Florian Talks Selling Power Of Featherweight Fighters

Kenny Florian will be fighting in his fourth weight class under the Zuffa banner when he steps into the cage at UFC 131 this weekend in Vancouver when he takes on Diego Nunes and talked this week about the drawing power of the lighter weight classes and how he feels he can help things along with his entrance into the featherweight class:

“I think that if you look at what I've done at 155 and what I've done in my career, you know, bringing the skills and experience that I have at 155, that I've done at 155 and bringing it to 145, you know… beating a guy that's top five in the world; yeah, I think that puts me in line for a shot right away. Who knows? We'll see. I think it definitely does. The other guy who is up there is Chad Mendes. Other than that, I don't see anyone else. It all depends on what the UFC wants to do and what the schedule is. Another factor is putting together a fight that people want to see, putting together a marketable fight. The reality is, a lot of people still don't know who the WEC guys are. I get it all the time. 'Who are you fighting next, Kenny?' Well, some regular guy on the street, I'm fighting Jose Aldo, er, I'm fighting Diego Nunes. They have no idea who Diego Nunes is. 'Alright, well who has the belt at 145?' Jose Aldo. They have no idea who Jose Aldo is. It's crazy to me, these are phenomenal fighters and people don't know who they are but with myself going to the division, Tyson Griffin, Joe Stevenson, it brings bigger names to the division and it brings more marketable fights that people want to see. People recognize these names. If you want to sell a fight between two guys coming up from the WEC, it's going to be very difficult to do that. I think Urijah Faber might be the only guy who might be able to sell some pay-per-views right now.”


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