Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Tito Ortiz Talks Next Fight, Says He Had To Plead For Job

The last time Tito Ortiz won a fight inside the UFC was way back in October of 2006 against a worn down and washed up Ken Shamrock, since that time he hasn't won any of his last five fights, drawing with Rashad Evans in one.

Sporting that record may be one reason why Ortiz had to beg for his job and one more chance inside the cage as he talks about the conversation that took place between himself, UFC President Dana White, and UFC match maker Joe Silva prior to Ortiz signing on to fight Ryan Bader:

“Dana White and Joe Silva [the UFC's matchmaker] told me they wanted me to retire, but I knew I still had the fight inside me. I pretty much begged for my job, to show how much I want to fight, but I still have it in my heart to compete, to fight. I told them I want to still fight against the top guys, I want to put on a show. I've just turned 36, but when they put me against the top guys, I think I can still compete. Too bad people don't pay attention to the major details. I've competed against the top guys and gone on to win world championships. I'm not getting submitted or knocked out…I'm making little mistakes where I should be submitting guys. I thought I beat Forrest Griffin 2 to 1 the second time. But it was what it was. I made some mistakes against Hamill. I didn't respect his takedown. The UFC called me after that fight and said

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