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UFC 132 Statistical Breakdown


UFC 132 is full of potentially fight of the night match ups that has every reason to deliver. With fighters such as Dominick Cruz, Chris Leben, and Matt Wiman there could be some huge stats recorded. We all know that the result of a fight is the most important aspect for a fighter, but let's step away from the idea of wins and losses for a second and simply breakdown the statistics that each fight can deliver. Over time, wins and losses are usually the only thing remembered or cared about, but it's actually the stats in which fighters are critiqued upon during and shortly afterwards. Lack luster wins are not what you pay your monthly pay per view dues for, so let's take a look at what you can come to expect from the each fight statistically and not just the results.

George Sotiropulos vs. Rafael Dos Anjos
Both fighters have an amazing ground game; however both will have less than a 50% takedown success rate. This might be an equation for a sub par stand up war, which could be exciting for the simple fact that more strikes will be thrown throughout the fight. From a fans perspective though, I would rather wait for a couple true stand up fighters to bang and hope that one of these fighters will get an edge in the takedowns department. This way we could all witness the art of jujitsu at one of its highest levels.

Melvin Guillard vs. Shane Roller
Based on previous stats and the fighters tendencies, this could be one of the easier fights to predict. Both Fighters will start by exchanging some wild power punches. After the exchange, Melvin will get the takedown followed by some vicious ground and pound while staying planted in Shane's guard. However, once Shane neutralizes the ground and pound onslaught, he will fire back with some submission attempts of his own. It's hard to argue that this fight is going to go any other way because of Melvin's 76% takedown success rate and Shane's 36% takedown defense rate. This followed up by Melvin's lackluster 3 passes in a 13 fight span and Shane's 7 submission victories in his last 9 fights.

Dennis Siver vs. Matt Wiman
This is one of the three fights that are in early contention of fight of the night honors. Dennis has a strong stand up game which he uses a lot because of his ability to keep the fight standing. He has 1266 total attempted strikes in 11 fights, while he concentrates more on his wrestling defense than offense. Matt is extremely well-rounded and could be willing to trade with him, but he would have a larger advantage on the ground. The question is can he get it there.

Carlos Condit vs. Dong Hyun Kim
This fight should shift the action back to the ground while Kim will likely be the initiator better of the two in the takedown department. He has a massive 43 takedown attempts in only 6 fights. Condit won't panic though and will be comfortable off his back by now since he already has 31 passes in his last 10 fights. After the dust settles on the ground, there should be more striking than submission attempts due to the fact that 56% of Kim's successful strikes land when he is grounded while Carlos isn't far behind with 35% of his successful strikes landing while he is grounded as well.

Tito Ortiz vs. Ryan Bader
Tito is sadly part of the old guard in which have continually been getting picked apart and sent packing to retirement one by one lately by fighters like Ryan Bader. This one should be no different since Ryan is basically just a younger, more talented Tito, in which doesn't pose well for any statistical categories for the Huntington Beach Bad boy. Ryan will use Tito's old moves of some nasty takedowns with some fierce ground and pound. There are just too many personal and medical issues surrounding Tito to be productive in any statistical category.

Wanderlei Silva vs. Chris Leben
This is the second fight that should be in contention for fight of the night. It is safe to say that most of this fight will be fought standing. There will be a ridiculous amount of leather thrown due to the fact that Wanderlei has averaged well over 100 strikes per fight in his last 5 and Chris has 8 knockouts in his last 17 fights. He might of had a couple more KO's, but a few of his opponents decided it was a better option to take the fight to the ground. Either way, there will be some fireworks in this one, warming up the canvas for the main event.

Dominick Cruz vs. Urijah Faber
The main event of the evening and the final contender for the fight of the night award. These are two fighters with very exciting, but have two very different styles. This could be a coin flip and a difference in opinion in who can assert their authority. If Dominick can, he will keep Urijah on the outside and continue to stay strong in the striking categories. In 9 fights he has attempted 1486 strikes and has amazing avoided getting his 80% of the time an opponent swings at him. Urijah on the other hand can execute his game plan by getting inside, getting the takedown, and applying his signature ground and pound to open up his submission game. He has 7 submission victories in 13 fights, one of them over Dominick himself. These submissions were set up by at least one of his 44 takedown attempts. This comes down to the over used saying of who can impose their will and game plan the best. Well, I added the game plan part.

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