Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Dan Henderson Plans On Using Wrestling, Going For Finish Against Fedor

By Chris Howie
MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

Two MMA legends will step into the cage this Saturday at Strikeforce when Dan Henderson and Fedor Emelianenko stand across from each other, and despite the fact Fedor is a heavyweight and Henderson has fought primarily at 185lbs and 205lbs, counting Henderson out of this fight likely wouldn't be a great gamble if you were a betting man.

Henderson talked about what he feels it will take for him to defeat the former Pride Heavyweight Champ on Saturday, this week during the open media workout and broke down how the fight could play out:

“But I don't feel outmatched or small against Fedor. I have a plan to not go right through his power, but I feel I can hurt him with shot and can move him around with my wrestling without needing to prove I am physically as strong as him. I've fought bigger, powerful guys before and used my wrestling to move them about. I think I can use the clinch to control him and will be looking to use my wrestling more than in other fights where I went pretty much for the right-hand KO. I will be looking to knock him out with the right, but I know I will need to set it up and use my wrestling more than in my last couple of fights. He's got a big right hand like me, so I am looking forward to standing and banging with him when it comes down to it. I think what has won me a lot of fans and a lot of fights is that I got to finish those fights. Fedor or not, I wouldn't have wanted this fight if I wasn't going to go in there to finish him.”

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