Saturday, July 2, 2022

Jones Says Evans Could Have Fought Him, Talks Evans Vs. Davis

By Chris Howie
MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones will be watching intently when former trainer partner turned enemy Rashad Evans takes on Phil Davis at UFC 133 and discussed the bout during an appearance on Fight Fix this week.

Jones also explained that the scheduled bout between himself and Evans could have taken place had Evans not been impatient and waited for Jones to have surgery on his hand, which ultimately did not need to happen:

“Rashad could have been fighting me, but he was impatient. He decided to take a fight against Phil Davis instead of waiting. He should have been patient and he would have been fighting me soon, but things happen. He lost his #1 contendership, but that's something that he decided to do. So it's whatever.”

“I met Phil Davis. I think he's a great guy. I think he's great for the sport. But I also think he doesn't like to get hit. I think Rashad Evans' experience might get him through this fight, but I think its gonna be a good fight. If Rashad takes him lightly, you never know what can happen. If Phil Davis makes it a wrestling match, I think his odds will be a little stronger. I'm not rooting for anyone. I think their both fair inidividuals. Phil's a good guy, but if I had to put my money on it I would go with Rashad Evans. Definitely.”

“(Rampage) has pride. He has a history. He has following. If I was him, I would call it my belt as well. Right now, I feel as it's my belt and I'm not gonna give that away. I've worked really hard to get to this point. I'm young, I'm hungry. I'm not gonna let someone who's maybe half passionate take my dreams away from me. Right now, getting hit isn't an option. I'm striving for perfection. To give Rampage everything that I've worked so hard for – I just can't allow that to happen.”

“There's no back with (coach Greg Jackson), I never left him. Me and Greg Jackson, we have a great relationship. We have a great chemistry. Me and my team have a great chemistry even though the situation happened with Rashad Evans. Everybody at Greg Jackson's camp is still a family and we're gonna be moving forward. I got some of the best coaches in the world on my side. I feel great and I wouldn't abandon that for anything.”

“Just to know how much I don't know is what keeps me modest, keeps me humble, keeps me on the grind. Keeps me on the prowl … They say a real knowledgeable person, a real black belt in life, is someone who is aware of how much they don't know, instead of dwelling on the things that they do know. I'm aware that I don't know anything – that's real knowledge. As long as I keep that attitude, I think I can go very far.”

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