Monday, July 4, 2022

Daniel Gracie Is Now In Anger Management

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

Heather Vieira from Anger Management MMA sent along the following …


Anger Management MMA is a new management company for MMA, BJJ and Submission Grappling fighters. We are a management company that believes in giving 100 percent support to our fighters. From negotiating fights with top events and promoters, to brokering lucrative sponsorship deals, to providing world class training – we fight for the fighter.

Based out of Connecticut and New York, we have partnered with various trainers in the area to provide our fighters with the best preparation. Our trainers include Renzo Gracie Academy, Mark Della Grotte of Sityodtong, Kwame Asante of John's Boxing Gym, Dave Esposito of Edge Wrestling among others in the States and in Brazil. We're expanding our team to continue to include the very best.

Our roster of fighters represents top level MMA, BJJ and Submission Grappling fighters. Daniel Gracie, Juan Barrantes, Ariel Sexton, Matt Ruskin, Javier Valenciano, Renato Migliaccio, Regiclaudio Alves, Danny Morales, Arranick Montero – this is our squad. We are growing the roster selectively keeping the team motto: Fighters who like to Fight.

With fighters who fight and compete in different disciplines, we are able to reach out and expand the scope of what it means to be a fighter. We support our fighters in their varied disciplines and encourage them to continually reach out and think beyond the box. Our approach is new and we are pushing the boundaries. We are Anger Management MMA.

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