Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Despite Rumors, Anderson Silva Not Fighting On The UFC's Fox Debut

By Chris Howie
MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

Despite rumors earlier in the week that Anderson Silva would face Dan Henderson in the main event of the UFC's debut on Fox, UFC President Dana White let everyone know this weekend from Brazil that there is no chance of that bout happening and Anderson Silva won't be headlining that card even if he is victorious against Yushin Okami at UFC 134 Saturday.

A main event is in the works though:

“It's not true. I saw that rumor too, yesterday I was cruising around on the Internet and saw that, it's not true. If he goes out and wins in 13 seconds, he's not considered for the FOX show. I'm working on (the main event for that show) right now. I can't (talk about it), you know me, I have to get the deal done and I have to know that both guys are going to accept the fight. Plus, saying that, even though I say that (Silva) won't fight on the FOX card, I'm watching what happens this weekend before I decide who's going to fight on FOX.”


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