Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Evans On Jones: “He's Go To Sleep At Night Praising Himself Cocky”

By Chris Howie
MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

It will be no secret heading into UFC 135's main event between Jon Jones and Quinton Jackson who Rashad Evans will want to see walk away the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion.

Evans secured himself a title shot and the winner of the Jones/Jackson fight Saturday night at UFC 133 by stopping Tito Ortiz in the second round and during the post fight press conference made it clear he wants Jon Jones in his next fight:

“I would prefer to get it from Jones because I would love to be the first one to beat him. He's so cocky. He's so cocky, like, you think I'm cocky, he's for real cocky. Like I'm on camera joking around cocky, he's like go to sleep praising himself cocky. That's how cocky he is. But I would love to teach him a lesson and if he's able to get past “Rampage” then I'll get the chance to do that. But, like I said, he has a tough fight ahead of him.”

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