Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Fox Plans To Roll Out Red Carpet For UFC Debut

By Chris Howie
MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

One of the big nights on this Fall's MMA calender will be November 12th when the UFC debuts on the Fox network with a show that will feature Cain Velasquez defending the UFC Heavyweight title against Junior Dos Santos and this past weekend FOX Sports media group co-president and COO Eric Shanks spoke about the companies plans to introduce the UFC to the masses:

“One thing we will be doing is launching the UFC on FOX with a Super Bowl-style red carpet and tailgate party with every star in Hollywood and every dignitary that we need to get out there to launch this thing. It will be a la Super Bowl tailgate and Super Bowl red carpet with a huge party outside before the event.”

Promotion for the event will begin immediately on FOX television properties. UFC president Dana White said he's already been blown away with the network's proactive approach through the early days of their deal, noting that they were already promoting the UFC on FOX partnership with in-program advertising just hours after their original announcement was made on August 18.

“We've never been treated like this,” White told MMAFighting.com. “We've never been happier.”

Shanks also said that beginning with Saturday afternoon's college football and Major League Baseball programming, promotions would air for the Velasquez-dos Santos clash.

“We're jumping on this thing and we're making it as big a deal as we can,” Shanks told MMA Fighting. “Guaranteed we'll be promoting it across all of our sports and entertainment properties as well.”

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