Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Greg Jackson Will Not Be Training GSP Or Carlos Condit

By Chris Howie
MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

With Georges St. Pierre now set to defend his welterweight strap against Carlos Condit at UFC 137, it could cause a rift in the Team Jackson camp, as it has once in the past (See: Rashad Evans, Jon Jones), so team leader Greg Jackson has decided to take a step back and will not be training either fighter and gave his reasoning for it after the bout was announced:

“Teammate protocols are pretty clear in this situation so everybody knows what happening,” Jackson told MMA Fighting. “I step out, the other coaches — John [Danaher], Phil [Nurse] and Firas [Zahabi] — will take care of GSP and probably [Mike] Winkeljohn and some of the other guys here will take care of Carlos. But I step out of it, so I won't be cornering either guy … We knew this would be coming — it will probably be coming again — but this time we are very well prepared … I mean, I don't like it. They are two of my friends. Me and Georges, I mean, I love that man to death. And Carlos has been, since he came back to the gym, has been on a destruction streak. So they both have to eat, they have to make money. I really love training, working with my guys. There's two of my favorites that I don't get to work with this time, so that's kind of a bummer. But I don't care about the money; I don't care about the fame; I don't care about any of that stuff. They've got to make a living, but I can't look across the cage at one of my guys. I just can't do it.”

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