Saturday, June 25, 2022

Nick Diaz Breaks Silence, Talks No-Show At UFC 137 Presser

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

Nick Diaz has broken his silence in regards to his no showing at the UFC 137 press conference.

In a video shot by Diaz himself, the Stockton native speaks on the current situation, stating “All I know is that I'm ready to fight. I'm sorry I didn't make it to the beauty pageant, but I've never not showed up to a fight. I've never backed out of a fight in my life. That's not what I do.”

Diaz also states (from his car, while driving) that he did indeed try to land a flight to get to the press conference. His inability to catch a flight is never truly cleared up, but Diaz is certainly not pleased with the ordeal.

“The UFC wanted me to fight for the title against Georges St. Pierre, and now they

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