Thursday, December 2, 2021

Cro Cop Looking For To Fight Against Roy Nelson

By Chris Howie
MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

It could be the end of the line for Mirko Cro Cop this Saturday in Las Vegas when he faces Roy Nelson. Win or lose it has been hinted that it could be the final fight of the former Pride Grand Prix winner's career.

Filipovic talked about the fight this week at the pre-fight press conference and discussed why he's excited for this bout and also voiced his disappointment for his poor UFC record of 4-5:

“I wish you could see the new Cro Cop, 15 years younger,” he said. “I wish it's possible, but unfortunately I'm 37 and this could easily be my last fight in the UFC. It has nothing to do with the result, if I win or lose. Especially if I lose, but even if I win it could be my last fight in the UFC. And I'll really give my best and hope this will be an attractive fight. I cannot afford anymore, especially in this fight, that it's declared as the most boring fight of the evening like the fight with Frank Mir. I think me and Roy will perform a good fight and the fans will be satisfied and excited.”

“I will never be able to forgive myself,” Filipovic said of his 4-5 UFC run. “I just blew it up. When I came to UFC, I was treated like a king. Even today I was treated like a king. And I just didn't make it. The reasons are not important.”

“I'm relaxed, there's no pressure on me. I will do best to beat Roy, who I respect a lot. I don't want to underestimate him. But if you ask me, this is the most important fight in my career. This will be the most important fight in my career and that's why I trained so hard for Saturday evening. I'm just looking forward to it.”

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