Tuesday, September 27, 2022

King Mo Will Not Contest Positive Test, Blames Supplement

By Chris Howie
MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

“King Mo” Lawal has no plans to appeal a positive drug test for performance enhancing drugs according to manager Mike Kogan.

Kogan told Ariel Helwani this week that the camp won't appeal due to Lawal not knowing taking the banned substance.

Kogan explained:

“Since we're not contesting the findings of the commission test, we're not challenging the chain of custody, we're not pointing fingers at anybody and we're not calling for conspiracy theories, I don't believe we'll actually file an appeal per se,” Kogan told Helwani. “What we will file is an answer, and an answer would involve affirming their test results and providing our findings and our explanation.”

The guilty party, according to Kogan and Lawal, is a supplement called S-Mass Lean Gainer by Rock Solid, which Lawal said he bought at a Max Muscle store in California and used only sporadically for “rehab stuff,” the fighter explained. It was recommended to him by a Max Muscle employee some time in April of 2010, he said, though it's since been removed from the market, according to Kogan, who admitted he had no knowledge that Lawal was taking any supplements at all prior to his positive drug screening.

“To the best of my research, this product was taken off the shelves some time in mid-2011, for exactly the same reason that we're facing right now. Its primary and only relevant ingredient of that particular product is a substance known as Methyldrostanolone, which is basically just a pill format of Drostanolone,” Kogan said.

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