Thursday, December 2, 2021

Carlos Condit Talks Fight With Nick Diaz

By Chris Howie
MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

It's been a few days since Carlos Condit was crowned the interim UFC Welterweight Champion at UFC 143 with a win over Nick Diaz that has left fans torn on the outcome.

“The Natural Born Killer” talked to recently and discussed the fight as well as his strategy for the bout:

“During the fight, I felt like I won four out of the five rounds. I watched it yesterday, and it looked a little bit closer … I probably would have given Nick two and myself three.”

“I think it was a tough fight to call, a tough fight to judge, and a lot of those rounds were really close.”

“When you fight a battle, you want to pick the battleground. Nick Diaz loves to back a guy up against the cage. For what I was trying to do in the fight, I wanted a little more range. I was wanting to fight in the middle of the cage. It was a constant battle of positioning in the cage.”

“I was throwing with nothing but bad intentions. I was trying to put flying knees on his chin, trying to hit him with spinning back elbows. I was trying to finish the fight.”

“For fans that want to see two guys standing right in front of each other and beating each other's faces in, that's what they like to see. And a lot of times I fight like that. But this time, I employed a different strategy to get the win, and people have a problem with that.”

“It is what it is,” he said of the controversy surrounding the fight. “Just because I employed this strategy this time doesn't mean that I'm not going to come straight forward and look for the kill next time.”

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