Saturday, July 2, 2022

GSP Says He Isn't The Champ Anymore After Saturday's UFC 143

By Chris Howie
MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

With Georges St. Pierre out due to injury, UFC 143 will play host to a new interim champion that will be crowned Saturday night in Las Vegas when Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit square off.

St. Pierre will likely return to action this summer but in the mean time Condit or Diaz will hold the strap and the current champ discussed why he feels he won't be the champion anymore after this weekend and what he will need to do to get back to the top:

“The way I see it, I am not the champion anymore on Saturday night. I have not fought since April, against my will, but I understand the champion must fight. You have to put the belt on the line in order to call yourself champion, the best in the world. Right now, I am not the best in the world. I am injured. The winner of this fight on Saturday will be more than just the new number one contender, but he won't be the new champion either. The winner of this fight will have to beat me to become the true world champion, and I will have to beat the winner of this fight in order to call myself the best in the world again.”

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