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MMANEWS.COM BLOG: Lesnar's Future, Diaz/Weed, UFC On FOX

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The following is an excerpt from a new MMANEWS.COM Blog by our own MMAManiac:

It's Been Awhile. Again

Yea, I started my new job officially in December, so the ability to write on a consistent basis has been a tough one. Now that I've settled in maybe I can pump out a few new blogs over the next couple of weeks or even days. For now, however, I will just give a few of my thoughts on some of the top stories of recent times.

Nick Diaz Popped for Pot

Eh you know what? If he doesn't want to follow by the rules, let him go to boxing or do whatever. I've always felt that he is a very talented fighter in the MMA world and for him to leave would to be a shame. Maybe if the suspension were to straighten him and his attitude out. Wishful thinking.

Brock Lesnar Done.

I for one, was never sold on Lesnar. I felt that he could've been top ten but not best in the worlt. Unfortunately his chin, and decline in health caused his early demise in MMA. Back to WWE he goes, no doubt in my mind , as Lesnar has always found good ways to make money. He's already been UFC Heavyweight Champion, so why come back here and face stiffer competition when Vince McMahon will probably pay him out of the ass to return to a lighter schedule?

The featured blog goes on to touch on other popular MMA topics, such as: Ortiz/Griffin III, UFC On FOX, the “Warrior” film, the state of Strikeforce and more.


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