Monday, November 28, 2022

Josh Koscheck Says Johny Hendricks Got Lucky Against Jon Fitch

By Chris Howie
MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

Josh Koscheck will look to gain a little retribution for his teammate Jon Fitch who was knocked out by Koscheck's UFC on FOX 3, Johny Hendricks, at UFC 141.

Koscheck talked about the Fitch/Hendricks bout and also discussed his fight with Hendricks this week at the UFC on FOX 3 pre-fight press conference:

“For the record kid, I'm not a stepping stone. I see this fight as a big opportunity for me to make that run again and Johny Hendricks isn't gonna win this fight. His fight (against Jon Fitch) didn't really last very long, so I really couldn't judge how good he is. I watched the fight and it looked like he threw a lucky punch with his eyes closed and it landed. This fight excites me. It's kind of like the pride of wrestling. He was a two-time champ in NCAA. I can respect that because I know how hard it is to win the NCAA title. I'm in a new place right now and I've got my own Dethrone base camp gym for me. I've got a lot of new coaches and new training partners. Things are looking up for me.”

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