Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Rashad Evans Freaks Out Over Article On CagePotato

By Chris Howie
MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

Earlier this week, Cagepotato.com published article that joked about Dana White betting $500,000 on Jon Jones to beat Rashad Evans this weekend at UFC 145. Problem is, White and company at the UFC failed to see the humor due to multiple reasons.

The first reason being that it isn't really a laughing matter for the President of a fight promotion to be betting on his main event fight. Secondly, Rashad Evans threw a complete fit over the news according to Lorenzo Fertita who spoke to USA Today about it:

“We had a flurry of people contacting us through e-mail, Twitter … Rashad throwing a complete fit … and then Dana having to call him to calm him down. If (people) thought it was just satire, we wouldn't have had that reaction. Dana had to talk to Rashad on the phone for 30 minutes to calm him down, to tell him, 'Are you crazy? There's no way I would ever bet on a fight or bet against you.' It didn't read like a joke at all. If you look at the article, when you first read that, it sounds like that they were in a room with Dana, talking to him, and he says, 'Oh, and he kind of made a mistake and said something, and said 'Don't print that.' We're currently evaluating whether [their retraction] is sufficient or not. Like I said, there's been a massive amount of fallout in the wake of them putting out something that is completely reckless in the way that they did. I don't understand how anybody could defend what they did. It's a very serious allegation. You've got to understand, Rashad's entire team — his entire camp — was in his ear telling him they read this online and that Dana bet half a million dollars against him. This was a real issue. This isn't just some kind of slap on the back, funny little joke. This was reckless reporting on their part.”

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