Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Korean Zombie Talks Dustin Poirier, Love Of Striking

By Chris Howie
MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

Chan Sung Jung AKA “The Korean Zombie” talked about his featherweight match up with Dustin Poirier Tuesday night at UFC on FUEL TV 3 and gave his thoughts on why he feels he has the advantage heading into the bout, which could have title shot implications:

“Dustin Poirier is a very well-rounded fighter, and I think his skill level all-around is very even. But I think that it's his strong point and it's also sort of a weak point because he doesn't really stand out in any particular area. I think that's what's going to be an advantage for me, is that I feel like I have an edge on him in all the different facets of the game. When I was training, it was easy for me to train to come up with ways and strategies to sort of take advantage of the fact that he doesn't really stand out in one particular area more than another.”

Jung, who has dazzled fans with impressive striking and all out wars in previous outings, also talked about his background and why his favorite part of MMA is the stand up game:

“It probably starts with my background in kickboxing since that's what I started doing. I feel like hitting the other guy and coming out with striking is the basis of the game for me, really. I think of mixed martial arts, for me, as something that extends out of the striking. It's not just, you go to the ground, and then there's the ground game, and there's the standing game separate. It's more like, from the standing game, if I need to, I can take him to the ground and show my skills there. But it starts, for me, with the striking.”

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