Friday, August 12, 2022

Rich Franklin Talks Cung Le's Unorthodox Style

By Chris Howie
MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

Former Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin will look to get back into the swing of things when he faces former Strikeforce Middleweight Champ Cung Le at UFC 148 on July 7th and talked about the match up and unorthodox style of his opponent this week:

“Cung is a different kind of fighter. He's real unorthodox and throws different kinds of kicks from different angles. It will be a whole different look compared to a traditional kickboxer or boxer. A lot of times when you're fighting guys like that they throw those types of things they're not supposed to throw at the times they're not supposed to throw them. For this camp it's really important to have a training partner who mimics his style really well. I would have to put two or three wins together before they would consider giving me a title shot. I got Cung in the meantime and this is a really good way to step back in to the 185-pound division. It's a good return fight for me because he's coming off a bit of a layoff himself. On top of that he was the Strikeforce Middleweight Champion and he's someone who brings some credentials to the table. A win here would place me well back in to the 185-pound mix of things.”


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