Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Tito Ortiz Feels Dana White Will Never Forgive Him For Past Issues

By Chris Howie
MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

Tito Ortiz will likely step into the Octagon for the last time next month at UFC 148 when he faces Forrest Griffin for the third time and while speaking to Fight Magazine discussed his relationship with Dana White and why he feels the president will never forgive him for some of his past decisions:

“Some decisions where probably against Dana, I probably shouldn't have said some of the things I said. Some of the things I should have did, I should have carried myself a little different. I'm a very emotional guy. I wear my heart on my sleeve, a little too much I think. It gets me in trouble a lot. But I know I have integrity and I believe in the things I do. I look at my career and I think that's probably the only thing, the stuff I said against Dana I probably shouldn't have said. I know he'll never forgive me. And it is what it is. But I'm just learning. I'm human.”

Check out the below interview below:

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